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Price Increases effective March 31st

Posted on March 09 2017

I held out as long as I possibly could, but due to the increases in both packaging and ingredient costs as well as the shipping it can no long be ignored.  We need to raise prices on some of our products. ( super sad face ) 

I completely understand how upsetting it is to go place an order and get hit with sticker shock when you realize that your favorite shop has upped the price of your favorite product without any warning.  So, I'm trying to give you all a head's up that effective March 31st 2017 the following products will be seeing a slight to moderate increase in prices.  

  • Bubble Bombs
  • Body Polish
  • 3 in 1 Liquid Soap 
  • Body Mists
  • Vegan Deodorant Sticks
  • Whipped Cream Soaps 

While I've tried to find supplies at a lower price - I've had no luck finding the quality ingredients I have come to expect at lower prices.  That old saying "you get what you pay for" holds true for most of my ingredients.  I would never sacrifice the quality and standards of my products for the sake of having lower priced items.  I hope you all understand that I would also never raise prices just to make more profit.  I try extremely hard to be competitive with my price points but not cut myself short.  

I do promise to try to have more sales and promotions more often as well! 

If you have any questions or need help with anything - feel free to email me at 

Thank you for your understanding and your support!  I truly appreciate it! 




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