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*Almond – Savory and warm slightly toasted almonds!  The perfect scent for any nut lover!

Aloe & Summer Herbs – A freshly green fragrance that combines wild summer herbs, aloe, water lily, jasmine and touch of soft woods. Incredibly clean, fresh and unexpected.

*Apple Tea - Fresh golden apples with an herbal touch!

*Apples N Spice - Sweet and juicy red apples coated in a spicy blend of cinnamon and cloves.

*Aquarius - A sexy, fresh, aquatic aroma with bergamot, neroli, tangerine, hints of rosemary, jasmine, and persimmon nicely rounded out on a woodsy base oil of patchouli

*Bamboo Grove - Fresh, green, herbaceous and mellow without being fruity. Notes of vetivert and patchouli, and undertones of hemp seed and oakmoss

Black Raspberry - The sweet smell of Vanilla combined with the tart-ness of ripe Black Raspberry's makes for a mouth watering combination! A year round favorite!

Bourbon Vanilla - A wonderful, natural baked-goods vanilla scent with spicy rum and a warm buttery overtones

*Brown Sugar & Almond - Scrumptiously delicious molasses and sweet butter with a hint of warm almonds to leave you feeling fresh and sweet

*Brown Sugar & Fig - A complex blend of fresh figs, fruits, milk, florals, caramel, vanilla and musk

*Buttercream & Musk - Sweet buttermilk, hints of musk and soft notes of butter infused on a base of peachy cream.

Butterfly Kisses - One of our most popular scents!  Citrus, peaches, berries and white musk blend to make this captivating aroma - it's like being under a Love Spell!

*Candy Crush - This scent is absolutely de-lish!!!!! It is the essence of sticky sweet, candied, mouth-watering sugar dust with just a hint of vanilla as a base! You will not be able to stop smelling this scent! It is absolutely that good! Similar to LUSH’s Snow Fairy

*Caramel Apple - Juicy red apples dipped in thick homemade caramel

*Carnival Ride - A blend of fresh squeezed oranges, sweet pineapples, creamy bananas, coconut milk, and fresh kiwi

Caspian - This masculine scent possesses a blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood

*Cherry Almond - This fruity and warm combination of freshly picked cherries and toasted almonds will leave you feeling fresh and clean all day

*Chocolate Cupcake – Freshly baked devil’s food cake topped with chocolate icing

*Cinnamon Sugar - Yummy spicy scent of cinnamon bark with sugary notes together! I can almost promise this will make your mouth water, it's that good

*Citrus Cilantro - A bright, fresh blend of lemon and cilantro with hints of fresh cut grass and green tea. 

*Cold Beer - Ice cold malt liquor with a honey nutty note mixed in with hops and a little kick of fruit sweetness

*Creamy Orange Coconut - This is a generous helping of creamy coconut with a twist of Velencia Orange! A romantic and fresh scent. Tropical and sweet all at the same time!

*Drive - A refreshing blend of fresh greens, warm wind, pepper, mahogany and water on a base of lavender and amber

Esquire - This warm, woody and energized masculine scent contains a blend of tangy citrus like bergamot, mandarin and lemon accompanied by notes of cactus flower and exotic woods

Eucalyptus & Spearmint - Refreshing eucalyptus and minty spearmint make this a wonderful “wake me up” scent!  Refreshing and great for men and women!

*Fig & Dates – Fresh Fig and Dates is a sweet and playful blend of fresh, sun baked fig, plump dates and sweet apricot

*Forbidden - This scent is a sweet but tart black cherry and granny smith and red delicious apples with hints of pineapple, peach blossoms, orchid and floral musk to make a refreshing and fruity new scent that is sure to knock your summer socks off!

*French Vanilla & Strawberry - French Vanilla and Strawberry is sweetly delicious! Scrumptious French vanilla enhanced by fresh juicy strawberries and vanilla cream. Absolutely mouth-watering!

***Freshly Brewed – Freshly ground coffee beans brewed to perfection!

*Gardenia - Fresh and elegant white gardenia flowers in full bloom

*Ginger Peach - Sweet juicy peaches blended with spicey ginger and warm cinnamon sticks!

Grace - Sparkling citrus married with notes of orchid, jasmine, rose, amber and musk!

*Green Tea & Cucumber - Crisp cucumber and refreshing green tea make this a clean and enchanting scent! It's subtle but wonderful!

*Hazelnut Cocoa - Irresistible scent of rich sweet Italian hazelnut wrapped around of luscious creamy cocoa

*Hot CocoaWarm milk chocolate with a hint of whipped cream, this is a holiday staple! 

*Hot Mess –  A dupe of LUSH’s Rock Star scent Hot Mess is funky and fun fruity notes that leave a sweet fizzy taste on your imagination!

*Honeysuckle - A beautifully enticing spring aroma of golden honeysuckle nectar.

*Ice Cream - Creamy milk pumped up with rich of French vanilla, tonka beans and custard, then churned into a sweet, utterly delicious ice cream fragrance

*Iced Tea - With a clean scent of tea leaf, a splash of orange, a bit of sugar and a lemon twist, this refreshing scent is great for both men and women

*Island Girl – Tropical and exotic plumeria

Kaleidoscope - Lavender, fresh bergamot, and sexy leather accords, with a masculine musk and sandalwood

*Kumquat - Ripe and fresh kumquats

***Laundry Day - Inspired by the fresh scent of clothes just taken in off the line, a clean blend of lily notes with vanilla, citrus and musk!

*Lavender Basil - A lively and fresh blend of lavender and sweet basil.  Very refreshing and clean.

Lavender Honey - A fresh lavender scent blended with sweet and mouth-watering wild honey notes create a refreshing and uplifting scent!

*Lemon Cupcake – Mouthwatering tangy sweet aroma of cake, lemon and vanilla

*Lemongrass - Pure Lemongrass essential oil - tart but slightly sweet

Lemongrass Coconut – A tantalizing blend of zesty lemongrass and tropical coconut

Lilacs in Bloom - Smells just like lilac bushes in the springtime when blooming!  Seriously - you will not believe how realistic this scent is until you've tried it for yourself!!

Lily & Jasmine - Water lilies and jasmine with unique notes of tangerine and orange.

*Lumberjack - Lumberjack is a wonderful blend of Cedarwood, Orange, and Patchouli 100% pure essential oils that creates a rich earthy scent that is reminiscent of a walk through the woods on a crisp fall night.

Malaki - A sharp, spicy blend of lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood

Mango Papaya - Ripe mangos and juicy papayas

*Margarita - This is awesome! Lip puckering lime and tequila blended perfectly with a dash of salt! It is 5 o'clock somewhere right?! Very refreshing and a great summer scent!!!

Metro - Spicy citrus blend of bergamot, tangerine, pepper, cinnamon, bamboo, sage, sequoia wood, vetiver & musk

*Miss Ruby - A seductive blend of pomegranate, red berries, a dash of spices, citrus and creamy warm vanilla

*Montebello Rose - Like a freshly picked bouquet of roses this scent is a beautiful floral without smelling synthetic!

***Nag Champa - Warm blend of patchouli and sandalwood with citrus and lavender - reminiscent of incense! 

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - Warm honey, buttery milk and hot oatmeal

Ocean Waves - A gorgeous day at the beach complete with sand, sun, sea spray and that crisp salty scent only the ocean can provide.

*Orange Clove - A spicy pairing of zesty orange peel, waves of clove with supporting notes of ginger and just a touch of cinnamon

*Orange Sherbet - Mandarin oranges wrapped in warm vanilla

***Patchouli – Pure Patchouli essential oil will leave you reminiscing about peace, love and happiness!

***Patchouli Mint - Patchouli essential oil and the fresh scent of Moroccan Mint. If you are a Patchouli lover or a fan of the Patchouli Mint French Green Clay Facial Bar that we carry, you're going to love this stick!

*Pearberry - A sweet combination or ripe berries and fresh fruits! This is sure to please those that like their scents a little on the sugary sweet side!

*Peppermint Stick - A bright and refreshing peppermint scent rounded out with sweet sugar crystals make this holiday classic merry and bright! 

Pink Cupcake - Delicious whipped, sugary pink buttercream frosting on top of a fresh-from-the-oven vanilla cupcake

*Pink Sugar - notes of sugary lemon drops and pink cotton candy. A fruity-floral middle of red fruit, fig leaves, caramel and raspberry leads to a sweet vanilla-musk base.

***Pumpkin Pie - A delicious blend of buttery, flaky crust and sweet creamy pumpkin fabulously spiced with cinnamon, clove and rum

*Pure Rain - Lime, Mint and Hyacinth

*Rosemary Mint - Our own blend of rosemary essential oil and peppermint essential oil

*Rhubarb Pie - Sweet strawberries & tart rhubarb in a buttery pie crust

*S'mores - Gooey toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate all wrapped up with graham crackers is the perfect addition to our fall line up!  

*Spiced Cranberry – Tart cranberries roasting in sugar, juice and spices wrapped in a buttery biscuit shell!

*Steel - A beachy, clean, masculine scent.  A perfect blending of lemon and lime, ozone notes, moss, tonka, florals, and a ocean water. A fresher scent than your typical manly scents!

*Strawberry Shake - Juicy sun-fresh strawberries and strawberry ice cream, blended with milk and ice. A tart and slight sweet refreshing treat for your summer skin.

*Sugar Plums - Luscious sweet plums and orange zest, dusted with sugar to give you those Christmas visions dancing in your head. A nice candy-like fragrance with a touch of magic

*Summertime - Raspberries, peaches, summer florals and other citrus notes create this sweet and fruity summertime combination!

*Sweet Blueberry - Ripe, tangy and sweet blueberry

*Sweet Grass - Fresh cut grass, clover and wisteria

*Sweet Pea - This scent is SO hard to explain because I don't think I can put into words how delicious this floral is.  It's Sweet's sweet and elegant, classy and refined, but fun and flirty and simply perfect in all it's Sweet Pea glory!  If you like a Sweet Pea scent - you will love this one for sure! 

Tahitian Dreams - An amazingly warm and earthy combination of Sandalwood and Coconut with a touch of sweet Vanilla! It is an amazing scent that is becoming a Best Seller!!

*Tropical Vacation - Pineapple, Coconut, Orange, Lime

*Turkish Café - it is won't disappoint any coffee lover or anyone who can appreciate the aroma of a fresh brewed exotic coffee

*Vanilla Spice - Our own blend of warm vanilla and spicy cinnamon brought back to life this holiday season!  This was one of our original first scents when we opened many years ago!  

*Victorian Rose – Classic and elegant roses

*Vintage - A blend of Patchouli, Lavender, Rose and Vanilla - classic and elegant!

*Warm Embrace - Warm amber blended with a hint of ginger and light florals create this elegant aroma that is sexy and alluring!

*Watermelon Taffy - A salt water taffy in a sugary fresh watermelon scent. It is sure to invoke feelings of a warm summer day on the beach. This mouth-watering fragrance is fresh and sweet and smells like summertime

*White Truffle Raspberry - Wild currant, sparkling ripe raspberry, creamy white chocolate truffle, chocolate cream, vanilla milk, plumberry wine and tonka bean. Tart & sweet at the same time. It's a dessert for you pits!!

*Wineberry - A heavenly Merlot sweetened by raspberry, blueberry and just a hint of blackberry

*Winter Grapefruit - White Grapefruit, tangerine, mimosa petals, bamboo, juniper berries, and musk

Wish - A magical blend of cool mint and fragrant jasmine with a hint of pine. Sexy, sophisticated and refreshingly cool!

*Yuzu Coconut - Refreshing and sweet this is a blend of exotic coconut and Japanese yuzu and it's amazing!


Most of our products are offered in an Unscented option as well.

*These fragrances are only available on a limited basis or during certain seasons or for customized full batches.

***These products are available year round in SELECT products only.  Contact store for details.